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iDivorce - our unique approach to comprehensive Colorado divorce mediation services from your home or office, wherever you live or work!

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iDivorce - long distance out-of-state solution: Colorado Divorce Mediation From Wherever You Live Or Work!

iDivorce™ — Comprehensive Colorado Divorce Mediation Services from Your Home or Office, Wherever You Live or Work!

In another of our innovations and in an effort to provide greater options to our clients facing challenges of distance or time, Divorce Resolutions®, Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation™, now offers iDivorce™.  

iDivorce™ allows us to provide comprehensive Colorado divorce mediation services from your home or office, wherever you live or work!  It may be an ideal solution for parties residing out-of-state and needing a long distance approach to their divorce.

How Does iDivorce™ Work?

The Basics

innovative Colorado divorce mediation process - woman mediating from afarYour mediator sends you and your spouse or co-parent notice of an on-line meeting along with a website address where the meeting will occur. You simply click through to this website and your mediation session begins securely and immediately. You now share your mediator's computer screen (and our unique divorce planning tools) in real time. Our conversations take place by use of your computer's microphone (the meeting allows for audio participation) or more often, simply by separate phone conferencing we provide.

Participating in mediation with us by iDivorce™ allows you full access in your work to the same full range and visual power of our special collaborative divorce planning resources, as enjoyed by our clients working with us in-person in our Denver-Boulder corridor offices. (See our article on our pioneering the use of large LCD displays in divorce mediation and how that innovation offers substantial advantages to our clients in their divorce.)

Easily Accessible

Our unique iDivorce™ process does not require the download, installation or configuring of any software. Even our self-admitted technologically-challenged clients find the process accessible and easily managed! All that is required is a high-speed internet connection and if you prefer, an available telephone line.

Without Additional Cost

Mediation by iDivorce™ is without extra cost. You may choose to use the process for all or just a portion of our mediation work.

Why Use iDivorce™?

Our experience suggests for many reasons that face-to-face "in‑person" mediation is clearly ideal and favored for most couples.  If possible, we encourage mediation to take place face-to-face in this traditional approach.  Where less feasible we strongly encourage at least a single such meeting.

But for other couples, in-person mediation presents challenges. For some couples, relocation of one or both spouses or co-parents may make return to Colorado prohibitively expensive. For some couples, the many demands of work, travel, school, child care and family logistics are imposing – even though they live reasonably close to our Denver - Boulder offices.

iDivorce™ allows divorce and family mediation to proceed with one or both spouses or co-parents off-site, residing or visiting during the time of divorce in different parts of the metropolitan Denver - Boulder area, the Front Range, Western Slope and more distant parts of Colorado, the United States, North America and far reaches of other continents and the globe.

How Do I Start?

Simply give us a call at 303-650-1750, or e-mail us a request to begin. We will follow the same procedure detailed in the "How You Work With Us" section of our site (we will confer briefly with you and your spouse or co-parent to inform you about mediation and our process).

Examples of iDivorce™

Out-of-the-Country (Jane and Mark)

Jiân ("Jane" is her Americanized namesake) and Mark met in Colorado 5 years ago. Jane, a resident of the People's Republic of China, was here on a work visa. They fell in love as collaborating project colleagues and got married. Jane acquired US citizenship. Eventually, Mark's career granted him an expatriate opportunity in China and they moved there and acquired a second home. Mark's assignment ended and he returned to Denver. Jane has remained working in China.

They have no children and have amicably decided to divorce. But the costs of two lawyers or of Jane's flying back to Colorado to mediate face-to-face seemed prohibitive.

We affordably and efficiently mediated Jane and Mark's divorce by our innovative iDivorce™ process, with long-distance screen sharing (accomplished with a high speed internet connection).

man mediating Colorado divorce from afarJane and Mark each had full access visually to our custom divorce collaborative tools (including our Powerpoint® presentation of the Colorado divorce process, online access to and assistance in completing basic Colorado divorce forms, our innovative Excel® Colorado divorce planning tools, and our powerful spousal maintenance and support tax planning software). They watched from the convenience of their homes and the comfort of their own computer screens as issues were outlined, approaches considered, and agreements made.

Their detailed divorce planning took place in a single iDivorce™ session arranged at a local time convenient to Jane in Beijing (8:30 a.m. Denver time – 10:30 p.m.). Documents were forwarded by electronic mail and further reviewed in a single final iDivorce™ screen-sharing session. Mark completed certain forms which were signed by Jane and notarized by personnel in the US Embassy in Beijing and returned for Mark's filing with the Colorado divorce court.

Learn what one of our clients has to say of his iDivorce™ experience, in the right margin of this page!

Out-of-State, In-State or Even Local Couples Seeking Convenience

Although Jane and Mark's case involved a Denver spouse participating at our office with a spouse residing in and participating in a distant foreign country, we have mediated by iDivorce™ with couples in many less distant geographic circumstances. We commonly mediate all or a portion of a divorce or after-divorce issues with couples residing out-of-state or farther regions of Colorado, but also with couples both residing even within the metropolitan area.

Another Innovation from Colorado's Premier Divorce and Family Mediators

As we have from the beginning, we aspire to be Colorado's premier professional divorce and family mediators. iDivorce™ is just another client-focused option we have innovated to that end!

Give us a call at 303-650-1750, or e-mail us a request to learn more. We think you will find mediation with us – by our traditional in-office model or by iDivorce™ – a good fit for you and your Colorado family wherever you and your spouse or co-parent reside.

For Further Colorado Divorce Forms, and Tools

For further information, see our comprehensive Colorado divorce tools and forms section and our family resources section, which include:

(See also our website’s section on Why Choose Mediation? for other compelling reasons to consider mediation of your divorce case or parenting dispute.)

Also consider our website's acclaimed Frequently Asked Questions and Myths resources, where we answer other questions, and debunk commonly held misunderstandings − regarding Colorado divorce laws, court procedures and alternative dispute resolution alternatives, such as family mediation.

Colorado divorce, Colorado family law and Colorado mediation planning tools, Colorado divorce forms and Divorce Resolutions® contact information.
“We completed our divorce across the ocean and many timezones, without the costs of my wife traveling back to the States and missing additional work or hiring lawyers to manage these complexities.

We both collaboratively considered our options sharing Larry’s computer screen in real time.  The iDivorce™ approach was a terrific alternative for us, saving us a lot of time and money and headaches about the logistics.”

- K.M.

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