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Colorado Divorce Law, Colorado Divorce Information & Colorado Mediation News

Colorado divorce law & Colorado divorce information - young boy reading the latest news!Here, at “The Latest!,” you’ll find the latest news and information regarding Colorado divorce law and other Colorado divorce information or topics of interest to parties considering mediation of their Colorado divorce.

Recent Changes to
Colorado Divorce Laws

See especially our articles on 2009 Colorado Divorce Law Filing Fees Increase, 2008 Changes to Colorado Child Support Laws, the simplified and streamlined 2006 Sworn Financial Statement forms, and our feature on the major 2005 changes to Colorado divorce law, process and forms.  We have also recently updated our Colorado child custody and visitation relocation law article.

We currently host twenty one other articles on Colorado divorce law and related topics. Additionally, consider recent posts in our topical Colorado DivorcePoint! divorce law blog.

Colorado Mediation News

new Colorado divorce law articleLearn about the new Colorado Mediation Association or “theMAC” in our article 2011 Colorado Mediators Organization Rebrands as the “Colorado Mediation Association!” (The old Colorado Council of Mediators — CCMO — is no more.)

Evolution of Our Divorce Mediation Process

Recent changes at Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation - 2006, 2007 & 2008Finally, consider articles regarding changes at our office in 2006 (the substitution of old-style flip-charts with mediators' client-side large LCD displays), in 2007 (additional new mediators’ technology and tools), and our plans for the future — as we continue to innovate our Colorado family and divorce mediation process.

Colorado Divorce Law Updates

Visit us again for new articles as the divorce laws of Colorado and federal and Colorado tax laws change.

2004 Federal Tax Law Benefits Parents of Divorce

first posted on: 10/3/2004

New legislation by Congress has granted additional federal tax relief to lower income parents!

On September 23, 2004, the Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004 passed and the President has indicated he will sign this tax relief law.

In certain divorced and separated families' circumstances, these changes will affect the tax savings from claiming the child dependency exemptions and under age 17 child tax credits. Lower income “head of household” parents (parents whose homes are the primary residence of a child) are expected to receive a higher refundable child tax credit (15% rather than 10%) under the new federal tax law.

Nationally recognized matrimonial accountant, Dennis Casty, C.P.A., notes that this new federal tax law change most often will benefit head of household parents earning less than $25,000 annually, with two or more children and with some child care expenses.

As in the past, collaborative tax planning in family or divorce mediation often allows parents to save substantial family monies.  Often, especially in lower income cases, allocating the dependency exemptions to the non-residential parent can save both parties' significant taxes (usually with the residential parent receiving some “buyout” for this switch).

divorce tax law changes; planning tools from FinPlan's Divorce Planner softwareWe are among those Colorado divorce professionals using powerful software analysis tools, including those of Mr. Casty (Divorce Planner® divorce tax planning software — considered the gold standard of such tools), to ensure our family law and divorce mediation clients' the benefits of the changing landscape of federal divorce tax laws.

(See also our website’s section on Why Choose Mediation? for other compelling reasons to consider mediation of your divorce case or parenting dispute.)

Also consider our website's acclaimed Frequently Asked Questions and Myths resources, where we answer other questions, and debunk commonly held misunderstandings − regarding Colorado divorce laws, court procedures and alternative dispute resolution alternatives, such as family mediation.

Also, see our “Spotlight” or other feature articles, where we discuss in detail other Colorado legal, procedural (including divorce law and family mediation) or parenting topics. Presently, we look in depth at:

An additional highly recommended resource for Colorado divorce law information is Colorado Springs, Colorado family lawyer Carl Graham's Colorado Divorce and Family Law Guide.

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