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Colorado Divorce Law, Colorado Divorce Information & Colorado Mediation News

Colorado divorce law & Colorado divorce information - young boy reading the latest news!Here, at “The Latest!,” you’ll find the latest news and information regarding Colorado divorce law and other Colorado divorce information or topics of interest to parties considering mediation of their Colorado divorce.

Recent Changes to
Colorado Divorce Laws

See especially our articles on 2009 Colorado Divorce Law Filing Fees Increase, 2008 Changes to Colorado Child Support Laws, the simplified and streamlined 2006 Sworn Financial Statement forms, and our feature on the major 2005 changes to Colorado divorce law, process and forms.  We have also recently updated our Colorado child custody and visitation relocation law article.

We currently host twenty one other articles on Colorado divorce law and related topics. Additionally, consider recent posts in our topical Colorado DivorcePoint! divorce law blog.

Colorado Mediation News

new Colorado divorce law articleLearn about the new Colorado Mediation Association or “theMAC” in our article 2011 Colorado Mediators Organization Rebrands as the “Colorado Mediation Association!” (The old Colorado Council of Mediators — CCMO — is no more.)

Evolution of Our Divorce Mediation Process

Recent changes at Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation - 2006, 2007 & 2008Finally, consider articles regarding changes at our office in 2006 (the substitution of old-style flip-charts with mediators' client-side large LCD displays), in 2007 (additional new mediators’ technology and tools), and our plans for the future — as we continue to innovate our Colorado family and divorce mediation process.

Colorado Divorce Law Updates

Visit us again for new articles as the divorce laws of Colorado and federal and Colorado tax laws change.

Exclusive! Divorce Researcher's (Child Custody) Parenting Plan Options

first posted on: 3/23/2003

We are incredibly fortunate to host on our Colorado mediation website, Some Child Custody Parenting Plan Options (for Children of School Age) as formulated by pre-eminent divorce researcher, Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D.

Dr. Kelly is an internationally renowned clinical psychologist, mediator and educator, and the author of several seminal books – including Surviving the Breakup: How Children and Parents Cope With Divorce (see our website link at For Your Family - Recommended Divorce & Child Custody Books).

These Child Custody Parenting Plan Options reflect Dr. Kelly's latest outline and thoughts (from a researcher and clinician’s view) regarding some common approaches for custody plans sharing parenting time with children. These have been recently presented at professional meetings across sample graphic of child custody parenting plan optionsthe country, including a Colorado presentation in 2003. Dr. Kelly has been gracious to collaborate with us in our website’s development and presentation of this informational tool with special illustrative graphics of several child custody schedules.

As noted in another article posted at The Latest! section of our website, this feature recently received “Best of the Net” recognition by the independent Divorce Support Guide to shared parenting and child custody resources.

Mediation is all about finding the right approach for your family – as you and your spouse or co-parent consider many factors together to arrive at a mutual future vision of your child custody and parenting plan. We hope you find these special resources helpful in this work.

Be sure to visit this section of our website at For Your Family - Child Custody Parenting Plan Options! There is a link there to click and print a formatted version of these child custody timesharing options) for your reference or discussions of what child custody arrangements might work best for your Colorado family.

Also, see our “Spotlight” or other feature articles, where we discuss in detail other Colorado legal, procedural (including divorce law and family mediation) or parenting topics. Presently, we look in depth at:

An additional highly recommended resource for Colorado divorce law information is Colorado Springs, Colorado family lawyer Carl Graham's Colorado Divorce and Family Law Guide.

Return to home, or for other news articles on Colorado divorce law and Colorado mediation issues, return to the index to our site's Colorado divorce law information and mediation news - The Latest!

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