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Colorado Mediation Association - Name Change to Colorado Mediators Organization

Mediation Association of Colorado, “theMAC”:
2011 Rebranding of Colorado Mediators Organization

CCMO No More!

The Colorado Council of Mediators has officially changed its name to the Mediation Association of Colorado.

Effective with the launch of its updated website in 2011, the nonprofit Colorado statewide mediators organization announced this rebranding.

Colorado Mediation Association - new logoLong known as “CCMO” (pronounced “ko‑ko‑mo”), the organization was originally formally called the Colorado Council of Mediators and Mediation Organizations. Later, the name was contracted to and the mediators’ organization was simply known as the Colorado Council of Mediators

Mediation Association of Colorado Mission

Founded in 1984, the Mediation Association of Colorado remains an active statewide association of Colorado mediators with goals including:

  • advancing education and fostering the public's understanding of the profession of mediators and the mediation process;

  • connecting qualified mediation professionals to Colorado's diverse citizenry;

  • promoting the development of excellence among Colorado mediators; and

  • providing networking and support resources to those Colorado mediators and their organizations.

Colorado Mediators Website

The new Mediation Association of Colorado organization also has adopted the simplified moniker: “theMAC.”

With the change of its branding, the Mediation Association of Colorado has re-launched a new website presence as well. “theMAC”'s updated website continues to provide its helpful Colorado Find-A-Mediator resource:  a database listing the Mediation Association of Colorado's so-called “Professional Mediators”, those members meeting the Recommended Guidelines for Mediator Education and Training. (See our article discussing the meaning of Colorado Professional Mediator status.)

(The Mediation Association of Colorado has independently reviewed both Larry's and Chris' qualifications in this regard, and determined that they meet all these standards of excellence for Colorado mediators' training, education and experience. Both Larry and Chris have thus been recognized by theMAC as Colorado Professional Mediators.

(See our website’s section on Why Choose Mediation? for  compelling reasons to consider mediation of your divorce case, or parenting dispute.)

To learn more about our mediators’ collective and individual backgrounds, and to find out if Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation™ might be an appropriate choice for you and your family — consider the Why Choose Us, and Meet Our Mediators sections of our website. (These include Larry and Chris’ individual Colorado mediator profiles.)

Also consider our website’s acclaimed Frequently Asked Questions and Myths resources, where we answer other questions, and debunk commonly held misunderstandings − regarding Colorado divorce laws, court procedures and alternative dispute resolution alternatives, such as family mediation.

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